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8th June  2015 Žilina, Slovak republic


Dear members of Human Rights Council,

On May 3rd, 2015 a conference about buying and selling children was held in Brussels under the title  “Parenting options for European Gay men”.  A nonprofit organization “Men Having Babies” organized the conference dedicated to gay men who want to have children for the first time in the heart of Europe. Source:

The topics discussed on the conference: parenting journeys (mainly to the USA), renting  female uteri, clinical and lawyers´ assistance for gay men, information about  whole process  of buying a child, financial fees   for  gaining a baby ( from 60 thousand up to 150 thousand euros – according to specific “surrogate” requirements  on aesthetic features of a  wanted child) etc. This is the evidence that organization “Men Having  Babies” is well-organized system dealing with unconcealed child trafficking!

We ask:  Who of these people really cares about basic child´s right? Each child has inalienable right to live in a family surrounding created by a father and a mother. The wicked conference and a business connected to its actions strongly contravene this right!  A child becomes just a type of products sometimes also connected with perverse practices of gay men lives. As to surrogate mothers they degrade mother role only to being children´ producing factory.

Next we ask: What people will those artificially made children be like  when they grow up? Many of them will never know their biological parents. About the ethical issue Stéphanie Raeymaekers, the chairwoman of the association Donorkinderen Belgium, spoke at the conference . She is one of the heterologous artificial fertilization children.  Her association fights to defend rights of children born from artificial fertilization. She told: “… none of you takes into account  a child. Not by chance there are not any of bought children to tell you about his or her own experiences today. I was bought, too. You do not like my organization because I am that product who speaks and that fact disturbs you. It is easier to find out an origin of meat you eat than to find biological origin of human beings in this country . “

So cold surrogate parents affect, change and deform thinking of children in their relationship to a natural family. These children -  victims  grown up in misleading way can be expected to turn to  mental and emotional ruins or even to become cynical  unscrupulous criminals. There are lot of available information about such people lives in the world nowadays.

The system of one sex marriages or partnerships which is widely built as well as business obtaining children for the couples is the main objective of Masonic groups. This system leads to process of satanism of children, to the destruction of the natural family and finally to   the genocide of whole nations!

All efforts like these ones have stood in stark contradiction with Declaration of the Rights of the Child, proclaimed by the General Assembly, resolution 1386 (XIV), A/RES/14/1386, from 20 November 1959!

Respectful members of Human Rights Council we urgently appeal on you:

- outbrave against barbarian children trafficking from rented female uteri being sold to gay men because this act deprives children of their essential right to have the mother and the father!

- condemn adoptions by one sex couples which contribute to moral and mental child disorders,

- by your full authority protect natural surroundings for growth and education of a child – the family established by God. The family  formed by only one man (father), one woman (mother) and children.

We are convinced that your voice may positively encourage parents in their resolution that the family consisting of a biological man and a biological woman is worth to be protected in today´s world against reprehensible experiments that destruct natural life perspective.

In case you will be reticent to such serious crimes on innocent children (their buying, artificial production in rent female uteri, etc.) you testify yourself to be adversary of the family, essential child´s rights, nation rights but also you become traitors of belief in one true God and Savior, Lord Jesus Christ! Then we suggest omitting of these articles from The Universal declaration of human rights:

Article 2: Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in The Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status…;

Article 19 : Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression;

Article 25(2):  Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection;

as well as the issue of discrimination based on sexual orientation from the point of view of heterosexual couples.

Yours sincerely

Monks of society of St. Basil the Great: 

+Matej R. Jarabica,

  p. Bernard M. Jarabica,

  p. Michal M. Chlebek,

  p. Charbel P. Mazúr.