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Monastery of Saint Basil the Great

010 01  Žilina

Slovak Republic



Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

May 31, 2014


Your Majesty,

         We refer to Your Majesty in the case of one Slovak family – the Sakajt, whose 4 children were 2 years ago unauthorized taken by Social Service. Two of them - 2 year old Samuel and 4 year old George - have been adopted, despite all objections of the parents, by male homosexual pair. According legal authorities, the reason for taking them from health family was, that children were neglected and the family was not properly adapted for British culture. These arguments we consider as untrue, contrived and absurd. The head of the family, Mr.Sakajtov is responsible employee and hardworking man. He, as Christian – Catholics,  was exemplary taking care for all them before his children had been taken.  Why - despite this circumstances - he lost his loved children?

         Every year, thousands of children are being taken – are being stolen – from their families. And the common denominator in all those cases is Juvenile justice. Juvenile justice is doing this under the false notion of “protection of children right” and with the help of social workers, who abuse their legal competences. This violently taken children are placed into the foster care or for adoptions – but not only to the normal families, but they are also preferentially placed to homosexual pairs, or sold for their organs. This is a crime against humanity and insidious trade with children!

         In the name of Triune God,  we would like to urgently ask you, Madam, use your personal authority as the Queen of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland and ask  British legal authorities to give Samuel and George back to their family as soon as possible. Also please use your impact as a Queen for public condemnation of this Juvenale justice – system, which  is mentally, morally and physically  killing innocent children.

       The responsibility for all broken, devided families and for the devastation of all taken childen will be, in case of your silence, also on your head.

         Thank you.

         Kind regards

Undersigned brothers

+  Matej R. Jarabica,  Bernard M. Jarabica,  Michal M. Chlebek,   Charbel   P. Mazúr


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